For over a decade, Davos Financial Advisors has established an innovative structure of personalized financial advisory services, designed to provide solid investment solutions to protect and maximize its clients’ assets


As a reliable and independent advisor, Davos Financial Advisors strives to offer you the best investment strategies and the most attractive performances, within a secure environment that guards and maximizes your assets

Why Davos Financial Advisors?

Davos Financial Advisors provides wealth management services to individuals, families, and institutions. As a privately held investment advisory firm, we offer independent and unbiased financial guidance. We work on a fee-only basis; therefore, we are objective in our analysis and recommendations. By providing both financial planning and investment advice, we understand the client's entire financial situation. Our work allows us to provide thoughtful asset allocation containing an appropriate level of risk, needed to meet the client's goals. While this independence provides our clients with highly personalized services, Davos Financial Advisors offers a complete range of services and access to global investment opportunities. Our advice spans a broad range of financial solutions to assist you in attaining your life goals. In short, your goals are the driving force behind the financial guidance we provide.

Competitive Advantages:

  • We offer a comprehensive service portfolio.
  • We have a multidisciplinary team of high level professionals.
  • We comply with the most stringent regulatory standards in the financial sector.
  • We have registered offices in Miami and New York.
  • We can operate through the custodian platform of your preference.

Our main goal is to formulate an investment strategy to respond to your expectations, all through a combination of top-of-the-line products and services, a superior level of quality service and the expertise of our professional team, who carefully evaluates each operation’s performance and risks.

Through Davos Financial Advisors and the guidance of a comprehensive, expert financial advisor, you have the opportunity to access the most important financial networks located in the main financial centers. This way, we provide an ample range of investment alternatives that facilitate the success


“Being the financial allies of a select group of individuals and companies seeking superior and consistent long-term investment returns; offering personalized and trustworthy financial

Business Strategy

Our management model is based on comprehensive risk analysis, which translates into a wide range of innovative financial instruments and investment diversified products.

Our value proposition is that all products and services are evaluated with independent and critical judgment of our team, who as guarantors of transparency, security and discretion of all its operations, will be your trusted advisors.


Risk Management Components


We provide our clients consolidated evaluations of multiple investment portfolios in order to achieve a thorough and updated understanding of their financial situation, thus being able to recommend the best allocation for their assets.

Risk Assessment

We strive to assess the expectations of return on investment based on the interests of customers as well as market behavior in order to effectively weigh risk and profitability levels in the allocation of assets.


As a primary strategy in risk management, we structured highly diversified portfolios with tactical approaches in specific sectors according to market dynamics. We provide a comprehensive exhibition covering different geographies and asset classes.

Investment Advisory

DAVOS Financial Advisors provides professional and independent advice for the design and construction of investment portfolios that meet the financial requirements of its customers - among which are individuals, corporations and government entities, as well as private and public foundations.

Davos Financial Advisors is a comprehensive investment advisory firm registered and licensed in the states of Florida and New York. Its management model is based on analysis and risk assessment, by which all products and services are evaluated through critical and independent judgment by its advisory team. As guarantors of transparency and security of all operations, Davos Financial Advisors evaluates performance goals, liquidity needs, availability of capital and risk tolerance of each client when designing the investment strategy.

As investment advisors, Davos Financial Advisors:

  • Structures a complete analysis of market prospects and investment strategy under a vision characterized by diversification and independence of criteria and products.
  • Periodically evaluates and balances investment portfolios based on market movements, restrictions on the legal framework, the historical performance of each instrument and geographical diversification based on the risk of each country.
  • Provides the tools to measure the performance of portfolios and offer understandable reports that will allow to provide customers with a consolidated appraisal of their investment, thus reducing administrative burdens and risks inherent to investment transactions.

Financial and Accounting Advisory

Davos Financial Advisors provides its clients with the tools necessary to expand the boundaries of their businesses and individual equity.

Accompanied by a sound legal structure, as well as a consistent financial-accounting structure, Davos Financial Advisors guides the financial management of their clients’ achievements, transforming knowledge into value for their direct benefit and that of their companies.

Their team of consultants offers the advantages of a service analysis and financial evaluation of 360 ® degrees that takes into consideration both the administrative and accounting structure of individual and corporate customers as well as their growth projections, as external agents in legal and tax matters, that could affect the performance of the customer’s capital.

As financial advisors, Davos Financial Advisors:

  • Develops financial analyses to measure the client's financial situation, both individual and corporate, and they development strategies in order to maximize profitability.
  • Designs business plans for both project management or companies, to obtain resources, licenses, franchises or financing.
  • Prepares financial statements and projections of cash flows in order both to assess the financial situation of a project or company, as well as to produce reliable documentation in order to process third-party funding, state grants, licensing, among others.
  • Advises on the development and implementation of improvements in accounting, administration and finance policies, providing administrative support for the effective management and projection of the customer’s business.


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Financial Advisor

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